J.Stephens Interiors

Listening carefully to our client’s dreams, aspirations and needs and interpreting them without flaw is the intangible element that sets our work apart and provides for lasting memories for generations to come. 

J. Stephens Interiors specializes in creating high-end residential interiors with an emphasis on custom design that reflects the lifestyles and individual preferences of our clients. We aspire to exceed expectations and prioritize client service based on open and transparent communication. We often work on full-home interior design planning from inception and also take pride in breathing fresh life into corporate spaces, home additions and expansions, and the restoration of historic homes with an eye to maintaining the integrity of the periods in which they are built.

Known for her specialized knowledge of architectural and structural design, Jo Ann Alston is the creative drive behind a five-phase process, which includes- Client Consultation, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, and finally, Construction Administration. This process naturally reveals the art and the science, the challenges and the virtually infinite possibilities inherent in interior design. Every room within a home should reflect the deepest desires, comforts and aspirations of the people who reside within. What distinguishes one room from the next? How will all of the rooms function together to create a living space where you and your loved ones can truly be yourselves and feel at home?

Jo Ann Alston captures an elegance of being and the joy of artful living through her mastery of the six planes of a room, how each one relates to the others, and how to work with them to create a particular mood and opportunities for constant discovery and new inspiration. Creating vistas inside the home through the careful study of sight lines and elevations ensures an enduring freshness, liveliness and excitement within each room over time.




J. Stephens Interiors is led by Principal Jo Ann Alston. A licensed interior designer and member of the American Society of Interior Designers, Jo Ann is based in the New York City metropolitan area and serves clients throughout the United States. As one of the leading interior designers in the country, she is regularly featured in leading design magazines and books and has accepted multiple national awards for her unique ability to design timeless custom environments from their inceptions. She has partnered with many of the same clients for years, developing personal and meaningful relationships that underscore her dedication to a next level of client service. Known for her artful approach and deep experience in the industry, she brings a timeless freshness to luxurious, high-end interior design. Jo Ann has been widely recognized for her impeccable interpretations of Modern, Classic and French interior design into enduring and forward-thinking inspiration for the modern day. She has innovated at the intersection of fine art and interior design for over 30 years.


Jo Ann Alston holds a B.F.A. in fine art from Northern Illinois University with post-graduate studies in historic preservation. Her experience includes a seven-year tenure with a top-100 design firm in the United States, which informed her process-oriented approach and gained her access to a national network of highly specialized artisans and trades people with whom she has developed longstanding relationships. She delights in curating antiques and art from around the world, drawing from an extensive list of sources she has developed over time. Jo Ann regularly collaborates with top architects, builders, lighting and landscape designers, and master millworkers. She excels in managing projects within a team environment. Clients benefit directly from Jo Ann’s highly curated network of professionals and from her adept management of the process from start to finish.

As the creative drive for J. Stephens Interiors, Jo Ann Alston employs principles that apply in art, color, form, balance, scale and proportion, to interior design. By applying these principles we achieve enduring inspiration in every new project, employing wonderfully unexpected color combinations, stunning style juxtapositions and bold mixtures of textures, fabrics and fixtures with a highly curated selection of hand-crafted, artisanal objects often chosen for their sculptural quality. With a constant eye to elegance and timeless customization, we endeavor to design warm yet dramatic living spaces that mirror the unique desires of our valued clients in every last detail.

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