Dering Hall: 6 Designers on Must-Use Paint Colors for 2017


We asked top designers to share with us the colors that they were most looking forward to using in their upcoming design work. While the answers ranged from deep blues to bright yellows, one trend is clear - 2017 is all about rich, saturated color. Here, see what shades these 6 experts plan on using in the year ahead.

#4. Yellow-Green

"One of my favorite colors that is trending for 2017 is a deep yellow-green. When green has yellow mixed with it, the color adds a note of warmth to a room and brings the outside in. The overall look is a sense of tranquility yet still lively. Paints that achieve this shade best are Benjamin Moore's Guacamole (2144-10) and Sherwin Williams’ Saguaro (6419).”

- Jo Ann Alston

6 Designers on Must-Use Paint Colors for 2017

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