Houzz: Antiques Shopping? Let Love Guide Your Search


Buying antiques is, for me, first and foremost a love affair. And as with any love affair, it isn’t approached with an analytical or clinical detachment, but with emotion... even passion.

The patina created on an 18th-century Georgian chest lovingly waxed over 200 years - the endearing imperfections that reveal the bumps and bruises of life - can stir the heart. Just the right proportion and depth of color on a Gaudy Welch teapot are enough to quicken the pulse, cause beads of sweat to appear on the brow and even cause a tear to be shed.

I’m not kidding you: These are the emotions I experience in the presence of certain antiques. I never know which ones will evoke this reaction, but when it happens, my wife can tell from my faraway gaze that I have fallen in love yet again. Room will have to be made in our little bungalow. Budgets will have to be readjusted. But this is love, after all.

Antiques Shopping? Let Love Guide Your Search