stately allure

One can’t help but take pause at the sight of the luxury and charm of this traditional foyer. It was part of a complete home re-design, so perfecting the design of the entranceway was the only option. This space is the result of inspiration, innovation and careful calculation. Panels on only the exterior-facing wall set a striking tone for brilliant customization throughout. Hidden closets that operate on a push latch flank the left and right hand sides of the door. Custom molding entablatures grace the entrances to the dining and living rooms. Custom-upholstered chairs in grey velvet complement the beige and cream wall covering, while a French antique vase positioned atop the center table was transformed into a lamp complete with a custom handmade lampshade in grey silk. Add an antique chandelier that creates reflective light patterns on the ceiling when illuminated and the result is a sense of graceful elegance and warm hospitality as one steps into this dramatically innovative reimagination of a traditional foyer.