Walnut Jewel Box

A bold statement of elegance and an exemplar of spatial economy, this formal library represents the marriage of aesthetic and functional aims as per the discerning design direction of our client. We thoroughly reimagined a formerly under-utilized space and set about transforming it into a jewel box located at the heart center of the home. This space opens into what would become a formal living room and can be readily viewed from the home’s foyer. As such it was paramount that the design of the library co-exists in harmony with the living room and provides arresting views and sight lines upon entry, while also achieving the vision of providing ample space for books, supply storage and a formal desk. The gorgeous wire-face cabinet centerpiece, impeccably placed desk and custom window seats and lighting are proof positive one must not settle for functional design at the expense of aesthetic perfection. Although a thorough reinvention and redesign, this little jewel manages to feel as though it has maintained its place of honor within the home for generations, with a timeless elegance and quiet charm.